Following items are included in the prices.

In fire rated doors:

Standard finishing RAL 9010 embossed
Pair of fire rated handles with plates according to DIN 18255
Patent key with plastic insert
Lock CE marked according to EN 12209
Bearing hinge of fire rated door marked CE according to EN 1935, 1 per leaf, adjustable height
Self closing hinge with spring inside of fire rated door, 1 per leaf, self closing adjustable force
Bolts on leaf and strikes in the frame, 1 per leaf in doors EI2 60 and 2 per leaf in doors EI2 120
Clamps to bend open for the fastening with mortar or used as spacer for fastening with expansion screws
Self expanding gasket sticked on the frame for retaining the hot smokes

Conformity mark metallic label prescribed by law
In multipurpose doors:

Pair of multipurpose handles with plates
Multipurpose hinge of reduced dimensions mm 98 x 16,5 Ø, 2 per leaf
Standard finishing, patent key, lock and clamps same items like for the fire rated doors.
In double leaf doors:

Closing regulator CE marked according to standard EN 1158 (only in fire rated doors)
Mortise lock or secondary leaf with integrated upper and lower rods blocking at top and floor, CE marked according to standard EN 12209 (in fire rated doors)
Rods self-blocking device at top of secondary leaf (in fire rated doors)
Manual latches for the upper and lower closing of secondary leaf (in multipurpose doors)
Floor socket for blocking lower rod in floor