The reversible single leaf doors are constructed for the retailers who want to keep them in their warehouse ready for the immediate sale because due to the reversibility the quantity to keep at stock drops to half.
Lock, handle, hinges, frame and sill are so manufactured to that the doors can be installed with left or right opening hand.
Reversible doors are cheaper if compared to handed doors because for the production there is no waste of raw materials and more doors of the same size can be built faster and with less manpower with consequent costs’ saving.
Careful building contractors or customers whenever and wherever possible prepare the wall openings according to the standard sizes of the doors so to take advantage of the price.
Only doors of standard heights 2060 and 2150 can be built reversible because of the height of the handle from the floor once they will be installed.
Reversible doors cannot be supplied with vision panels, louvers or electric locks, in that case handed doors DX or SX have to be ordered.
Double leaf doors are not built reversible they have to be ordered handed DX or SX.