test For truck transportations the materials are normally sold "ex works 43010 POLESINE PARMENSE / PARMA - Italy".
Endoors srl. can submit to request an offer for transportation CFR or CIF or to any other INCOTERM condition, also by container 20 or 40 feet box.
If the transportation is by truck the sale EX WORKS is preferable for the following reasons:
  • The client can appoint the forwarder he prefers, for price or reliability reasons.
  • Forwarders of the destination land are more expert for submitting and unloading in their own country and most of the times cheaper.
  • In case of damages to the goods the client can ask and get the refund of the damage directly in his country.
    test In order not to waste space the orders should be studied to load as much as possible in the chosen transportation mean. In case of standard single leaf reversible doors this is quite easy considering following criteria. Order multiple of complete pallets. The quantity per pallet is stated in the price list near the price. Pallets are loaded transversally on the truck/container. The needed space is 10 cm. more than the wall opening width of the door and 2 pallets can be piled. For example 1 pallet doors EI2 60 of width 890 occupy 89 + 10 = 99 cm. so in a lorry of 13,60 meters 13 lines can be loaded (1360 : 99 = 13,74). 13 lines x 2 pallets = 26 pallets x 16 doors = 416 doors. Check also not to exceed the maximum weight considering that EI2 60 = 27 kg./sq.m. - EI2 120 = 37 kg./sq.m. - Multipurpose = 20 kg./sq.m. For further advise ask our sales staff.